10 lb grow room

10 lb Grow Room: Setup For Maximum Yield!

Tired of getting small yield and wanna go for big? Many growers prefer to grow room for indoor yielding. And it’s a common question about how to set up grow room for a 10 lb yield. 

So, how should your 10 lb grow room be? 

For 10 lb yield in a grow room, first, you have to choose the right strain. Then you have to go to set up the grow room. Factors like lighting, PAR intensity, temperature, and CO2  level should be considered. Nutrients, room space, humidity, and ventilation also affect the yield. 

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information. Because I am going to explain these all in detail. By the end of the article, you will know everything to get 10 pounds of yield. 

That too, in your to grow room. Let’s start!

Setting Up the Room for 10 lb Cannabis

Many cannabis growers prefer grow rooms. Because they can adjust all the factors like lighting, temperature, ventilation, and so on. But to get maximum yield with minimum plants, you have to go the extra mile. 

So,  what’s needed to grow 10+pounds cannabis?

To grow 10+ pounds cannabis the CO2 level should be 370 PPM. Depending on the room size, you can add the plants. For vegetation stage the light intensity should be 20 watts/ sq2. However, for flowering stage it should be 30 watts/ sq2

The optimal humidity of the room should be 60%-70%.

So, let’s see the factors of growing 10lb indoor!

10+pounds cannabis
Source: High Times

CO2 Level And Ventilation:

The CO2 level in the atmosphere is around 370 PPM. The CO2 level is very significant. Because, If you can double this level, you will get 30% more yield. And if somehow you decrease the level by ⅓, you will get 50% less yield. 

But you can’t technically achieve an increased CO2 level. And if you somehow increase the level, it will go away with air. But to make sure, the CO2 level isn’t decreased, set up proper ventilation. 

It is best to change the room air at least 60 times in an hour. And recirculating the same air will decrease the CO2 level. 

Also, proper ventilation can prevent the growth of mold or unpleasant odor in the grow room. 

Grow Room Size:

Your grow room size will depend on how many plants you wanna grow. And to get a 10 lb yield, you need different numbers of plants from different strains. 

Let’s say, from different quality strains, you will need 20-44 plants. So, your grow room size will be, 

Size of Grow RoomNumber of plants in vegetation stageNumber of plants in flowering stage
4’ x 8’Up to 32Up to 18
6’ x 6’Up to 36Up to 20
8’ x 8’Up to 64Up to 36
10’ x 10’Up to 100Up to 48
Room Size
Source: CBC

Lighting and PAR Intensity:

Light setup should be such that light reaches every corner of your grow room. You shouldn’t buy cheap LED grow lights for higher yields like 10 pounds. 

So, how many LED light for grow room do you need? 

This is a rough estimation of how the wattage of your LED should be. It varies with grow room size, and growing stage. 

  • Vegetation Stage: 20 watts/ sq2 
  • Flowering Stage: 30 watts/ sq2

Here’s a table determining the LED wattage need for your grow room

Grow Room Size (square feet) Wattage for Vegetation Stage Wattage for Flowering Stage 
4’ x 8’ (32)640 watts960 watts
6’ x 6’ (36)720 watts1,080 watts
8’ x 8’ (64)1,280 watts1,920 watts
10’ x 10’ (100)2,000 watts3,000 watts

Sometimes growers get confused either they have to use Veg or bloom LED grow light. For maximum yield, you have to use both. 

PAR Intensity also influences the yield of your cannabis. In vegetation level, PAR level of 300 – 400 µmols/m2/sec is optimum. And in the flowering level, you need almost double. PAR level of 750 µmols/m2/sec in this stage is optimum. 

You can adjust this level, by dimming your grow light. If the light doesn’t have this option, hang the light higher than the optimum light height. Or just increase or decrease light numbers. 


In the seedling and vegetative stage, optimal humidity is 60%-70%. But in the flowering stage,  it is 40%-60%. Buy a large humidifier with a humidity level setting. 

Here are some recommended humidifiers for your grow room. 

SmartDevil Small HumidifiersCheck the Price on Amazon
VIVOSUN Cool Mist HumidifierCheck the Price on Amazon


The optimal temperature for the grow room is 77°-87° Fahrenheit. But it can slightly vary in the strains. 

Don’t use the light too close to the plant. Keep a distance of minimum 50cm. Otherwise, the hot temperature will burn your plant. 

optimal temperature
Source: Royal Queen Seeds

Strains For 10 lb Yield

Genetics of the cannabis influences the yield the most. No matter how much effort you give. If your cannabis isn’t genetically capable of high yield, you won’t get a high yield. Also, how many trees you should plant depends on the yield of the strains. 

Also, some strains are good for outdoor plants but doe’s show better results indoors. You can learn about cannabis genetics and lineage in different guides. 

Don’t worry, I got this covered for you too. Here are some strains that will give you the best yield in a grow room. 

Strawberry Kush:

Strawberry kush is a blend of OG Kush and Strawberry cough. It will give you high motivation and energy most of the time. But in the end, you will feel drowsy. 

Strawberry Kush At A Glance

Indoor Yield: 10 lb from 27-36 plants
Harvest: Middle of October
Disease resistance: High
Flowering time: 8-9 Weeks
Plant Height: Short plant

Super Silver Haze:

Another strain for an energy boost. It is a cross of Haze, Skunk-1, and Northern Lights.

Super Silver Haze At A Glance:

Indoor Yield: 10 lb from 24-32 plants
Harvest: Middle of October
Disease resistance: High
Flowering time: 9-11 Weeks
Plant Height: Tall plant. (to grow indoors, give much vertical space)


It is a tasty cross of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai. 

Chocolope At A Glance:

Indoor Yield: More than 10 lb from 21-28 plants

Harvest: Late October

Disease resistance: High

Flowering time: 9-10 Weeks

Plant Height: Tall plant. (up to 80 inches)

NYC Diesel:

is A strain that will make you happier and more productive. It has a strong odor so proper ventilation is a must. 

NYC Diesel At A Glance:

Indoor Yield: More than 10 lb from 33-44 plants

Harvest: Early November

Disease resistance: High

Flowering time: 7-9 Weeks

Plant Height: Tall plant. (up to 144 inches)

Blue Dream:

This strain will give you a fruity taste. Also, it is a good strain that looks for relaxation. Sometimes your weed can give a perfume taste. You can easily get rid of the perfume taste

Blue Dream At A Glance:

Indoor Yield: More than 10 lb from 21-28 plants

Harvest: October

Disease resistance: Vulnerable to insects and extreme temperature

Flowering time: 9-10 Weeks

Plant Height: Tall plant

You can choose any of the strains for high yield. Taking proper care will make the cannabis grow beautifully. Here’s someone sharing the beautiful growth of marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Pounds Can You Get From 1 Plant?

There are many factors that affect the yield of cannabis. On average, you can get ½ lb per plant outdoors and ¼ lb per plant indoors. The genetics of the strain can vary this calculation a lot. Also, by optimizing lighting, humidity, nutrients, and other factors you can maximize the yield. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Grow Room? 

As you dedicatedly prepare a whole room for planting, you can plant many plants together. That means a high yield. Also, you can control temperature, lighting, ventilation, humidity, and other factors. Also, the natural calamities and rough weather won’t be a problem. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Grow Room? 

The biggest disadvantage of a grow room cultivation is, that it is really expensive. When you cultivate many plants together, the lights, fertilizers, and other equipment cost a lot. Also, maintenance is a big issue. You have to take care of the cannabis 24/7. 


Hope you could understand the setup of the 10 lb grow room. Now you know how many plants to get for a 10 lb yield from different strains. 

Remember, this yield will cost you a lot of time and money. So, get started on your cultivation with this mind setup. Good luck!

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