1 pound per plant outdoor

1 Pound Per Plant Outdoor: Get Maximum Yield!

It’s not easy to get 1 pound yield on average if you’re planting outdoors. However, it’s not totally impossible either. 

So, how can you get 1 pound per plant outdoor?

To get 1 pound per plant outdoors, there has to be enough lighting. Also, choosing the best outdoor strains such as northern light, and early queen is recommended. That’s not all as a growth medium, nutrients, and temperature, also play a vital role. Growth space and soil conditions have to be maintained as well.

But these are just an overview. Even in outdoor planting, there are things to consider. To get the desired result, you have to know the factors thoroughly. 

To ensure the proper growth of your plants and get the highest yield, keep on reading. 

How To Get Yielding Of 1 Pound Per Plant Outdoor

Before expecting a certain yield, first let’s know how many pounds does an outdoor plant produce. 

On average, one plant can yield ½ pound if kept outside. But it’s possible to increase the yield to 1 pound with proper measures

You just need the best outdoor grow setup. Also, the genetics of the plant also decides the yield to a large extent.

best outdoor grow setup
Source: growweedeasy.com

Here are some things you need to follow to get maximum yielding from a plant outside. 


No matter how much afford you give, the genetics of the plant matter. If the plant is genetically unable to give more than 1/2 pound, there’s nothing you can do. Try to choose seeds from plants with good genetics.  

Some strains are good for high yielding. Such as Green Gelato, Shogun, Amnesia Haze, Royal Moby, etc. 

You can also get some good outdoor seeds like a northern light, and early queen, honey cream. They provide good yield in outdoor conditions.


Before starting with the germination of the seed, map out the whole process. Know the perfect time to plant cannabis outdoors. Know all the important factors for higher-yielding.

plant cannabis outdoors
Source: growdiaries.com

Plan how long to retail the vegetation and flowering stage. 


You can think that as the plant is getting sunlight outdoors, you shouldn’t bother with it. But this concept is not valid. You need to provide at least 6 hours of sunlight to your plant. But it is best if you can provide 10-12 hours. 

Source: growweedeasy.com

So, you have to take care, your plant is getting enough sunlight. Especially in the middle of the day, sunlight is most helpful for cannabis. 

If the plant is in a pot, reposition the plant, if it gets in shades. But if you plant directly on the land, choose a place where you get proper sunlight. 

Soil & Nutrients:

You may use a pot or direct plant on the land. No matter what, the soil should be prepared. The pH level of soil should be kept in mind. The optimum pH level for the plant is 6.8 – 7. The soil should have high nitrogen. 

If you are growing the plant in a pot, try to get a bigger one. In small pots, the roots can’t have enough growth. I will recommend having 10-gallon pots or grow bags. 

If you can’t decide which way to go, here are some options to look at-

You have to ensure your plant gets proper nutrients in the grow bags. There are many organic sources of plant nutrients. But ensure it is getting all the micro and macronutrients. However, you can try market products as well-

You can also use leftover meals as nutrients. Use bones and egg shells for calcium and phosphorus. From blood and fish, your plant will get nitrogen. Also, bury vegetable and fruit peels, and leftover vegetables.

organic sources of plant nutrients
Source: reefertilizer.com

Banana peel and rotten potatoes will give your plant the potassium it needs. Also, try to pour some molasses now and then. It really helps the plant to grow big buds. 

There’s a debate whether to choose blackstrap or hi Brix molasses for your plant. You can decide which one you wanna use. 

But if you are an amateur, use pre-mixed soil. So, You don’t have to worry whether the plant is getting every nutrient. 


Providing a sufficient amount of water regularly is very important. But excessive water can decrease the yielding. Also, it can ruin your plant.

How much water your cannabis needs depends on its growth stage. Follow this watering schedule. 

Growth Stage of The PlantWatering Schedule
GerminationIn every 4-7 days
SeedlingIn every 3-7 days
vegetationIn every 2-4 days
FloweringIn every 2-3 days

The watering gap depends on how fast your soil dries out. For better yielding, it is good if your plant is sometimes wet and sometimes dry. 

Also, the watering depends on the pots you are yielding on. You have to determine how much water for different pot sizes to give. 

Raining is also good for yielding. You don’t need to water that often if there is frequent rain. But make sure to cover your plant in heavy rains. Ensure proper drainage of water. 

Wind & Temperature:

A gentle breeze is very good for cannabis. So try to keep it in a windy, open space. But remember, harsh wind can break your plant. So, don’t keep it in a place with heavy wind.

Wind & Temperature
Source: dutch-passion.com

Also, the feeling of planting outdoors is totally priceless. Here’s a real-life example of that fact-

The Optimum temperature range for cannabis is 60o – 80o Fahrenheit. Also, it is better if you can give different types of temperatures from day to night. Cannabis having different temperatures tends to yield more. 

Although it’s not possible if your plant is directly on the land. So, if in your location, the temperature varies from day to night, you are lucky. 


During the flowering stage, the plant gets heavy. As a result, it tends to lean and bend. If you don’t brace the plant at this time, the plant can break. 

So, brace your plan at this stage. You can use sticks or fences for bracing. It will save your plant from breaking. 


Yes, you heard it right. Your patience can give you more yield. If your plant gets a longer vegetation phase it will grow longer. So, give it as much light as you can. Though it’s easy for pot plants. 

Also, don’t rush into harvesting as soon as the flowering stage starts. Take your time. Waiting for 1-2 weeks can also give you a 25% yield. 

These are the factors you should focus on. And then you can get a pound of yield per plant outdoors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Bigger Pots Mean Bigger Buds? 

No, bigger pots don’t mean bigger buds. As smaller pots decrease the expansion of the roots, bigger pots also decrease yield. If the pot is too big, The root can not easily take nutrients from the soil. So, the buds will be smaller. 

How Long Into Flowering Before Buds Appear?

Bud appears in the 3rd or 4th week into flowering. The cannabis flowering stage is 8-12 weeks. This stage happens in 3 phases. Which are flower initiation (1-3 weeks), Mid-flowering (4-5 weeks), and Late flowering (5 -12 weeks). Buds appear at the end of the 1st or the beginning of the 2nd phase. 

Does Longer Veg Mean More Yield?

Yes, a Longer vegetation phase means more yield. If you keep your plant in the vegetation phase longer, your plants will get bigger. Bigger plants will produce more buds. That means you get better yield. 


So, now you can get a yield of 1 pound per plant outdoors. I hope your confusion about getting the highest yield from outdoor planting has been cleared. 

Just be careful about the factors that increase yielding and you will get your desired result. 

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll get more than a 1 pound yield from your plants!

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