1 ft plant yield

1 Ft Plant Yield: Follow Our Guide for Maximum Yield!

Your plant has grown to about 1 foot tall, right? Well, good job on your achievement.

But do you know what to do next? Or, how much can you expect from a 1 ft plant yield?

For a 1-foot plant, you will get roughly 17-24 grams. There are some things to consider while growing a plant. It is very important to have proper lighting, nutrients, proper equipment, and clean air. An ample amount of grow room is also necessary for the proper growth of the plants. 

You want to achieve the yield and we are here to guide you. Spare us a few minutes and you will get to know everything

How Much Does One Cannabis Plant (1 ft Tall) Produce?

The answer to this question depends on where you are cultivating cannabis. This is similar to estimating the yield of a 2 ft plant. If you are growing plants outdoors, the plants can grow bigger than normal. 

If you have ideal conditions, you can get up to 500 grams ( 17.5 ounces) per plant. This will happen when you cultivate outdoors. So, ideally, a hemp plant grows as big as 6 feet. Thus, you can get 24-27 grams of hemp per foot.

Growing indoors is a bit complicated. The growth is restricted to a certain limit. It depends on the room size and lighting. 

The plant sizes are variable but you can make a rough estimate. You can get approximately an ounce per foot of height.

However, due to different plant sizes, this estimation will not be pinpointed. The strength of light and grow area can be used to estimate the yield rate.

One Cannabis Plant
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Estimating The Yield of Your 1 Feet Cannabis Plant

With proper care, you can grow and yield a good number and quality of hemp. Here’s someone who grows hemp on his farm.

Estimating the yield of a cannabis plant can be a bit tricky. Cannabis plants grow in different sizes. Hence, it’s very tough to estimate the yield. 

However, if you use the amount of light or size of the growing area, you can estimate. Here we have discussed them elaborately for your convenience.

Using the Amount of Light: 

Lighting is a better estimator than plant numbers. You can put a large plant or some small plants under the same space for comparison. And guess what, the yield rate will be almost the same.

You need to give the plant good growing conditions and refrain from making any big mistakes. Then, you can expect to get about 1 gram of cannabis for every watt of light.

This way, you can expect a 1000 gram or 1 Kg yield from a 1000 Watt light.

If you grow 20 smaller plants in that light, you’ll get 50 grams per plant. Growing four large plants will yield 250 gm.

The growth space, the amount of light, and the expected yield are all the same. But the amount each plant makes is very different.

However, the calculation is better on HID LED lights. Good old fluorescent lights will still work but LED lights give the best results.

LED lights possess an actual wattage rating and you will always want to use that. But it is not feasible for calculation. So, use it to get a close idea of how many watts an HID is.

To achieve this, simply multiply the actual wattage by 1.5 and you will get HID equivalent wattage

For example, an HID equivalent wattage of 950W light will give a 950 gm yield roughly.

Amount of Light
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Using The Size Of Grow Area:

You can also estimate the yield using the growth area of the cultivation. A 1 feet plant yields around 2 ounces per square foot. 

This is equivalent to 600 grams per square meter.

Let’s say you have a 4×4 feet space. That’s 16 sq. ft. At 2 oz per square foot, you should get about 32 oz, which is 907 grams.

However, if you use a 1000W light, the estimation will be around 1000 grams yield. Hence, you can see that the two methods have similar yield results.

Dry Weight Vs Wet Weight:

Another factor to consider is the dry weight and wet weight. Wet buds can be up to 4 times heavier than dry ones. 

If you just weigh wet buds, you will get 4 times the dry weight. However, to get the exact numbers, you need to weigh the dry buds. Even all the estimations are done using dry buds.

Weighing wet buds and dividing them by 4 will give you the estimated dry bud weight. Dried plants will give you crispy clean buds.

5 Ways of Maximizing 1 Ft Plant Yield 

When you are cultivating, you will want the maximized yield rate of 1 feet plant. For that, we have prepared some tips and guides to help you.

To get the most out of your marijuana crop, You need to follow simple steps. All you have to do is give it the right conditions and use good strains.

Following these tricks can give you the potential yield of an experienced grower.

Adequate Lighting: 

Cannabis needs a lot of light to grow. You want to ensure that every part of your grow area gets at least 100 umol/m2/s. 

This is how much light should be in each corner of the grow room. The middle of the growing area needs adequate lighting. Grow light size is also crucial for a good yield.

Ideal Temperature & Humidity: 

The ideal temperature for cannabis vegetation is around 70 to 80 ° F. The ideal relative humidity lies around 40 to 60%.

During the flowering phase, you need to lower the temperature to 65 to 80° F. But you need to maintain the humidity between 40 and 50%.

During the end stage of flowering, lower the humidity to 40-45%. Mind that you need to maintain the humidity for the best growth. Otherwise, the yield will be lower than expected.

Nutrients & pH: 

When growing in soil, you want to keep the pH between 6.0 and 7.0. When growing hydroponically or in some other medium, keep the pH around 5.8.

If you are growing on soil, there will be ample nutrients for a few weeks. After that, you need to use cannabis nutrient solutions.

If you are cultivating hydroponically, you need to use nutrients throughout the whole period.

Timing & Training: 

Shape your plants to make sure they have as many bud sites as possible. Also, ensuring those sites get enough light can do a lot to increase yields.

The number of colas will be highest with techniques like SCROG (Screen of Green). It can help the plant to spread out and make the canopy flat.


Yield is also affected by genes in a big way. Some strains just make buds that are bigger than others.

To get better yields, you can use a high-growth strain like Gold Leaf, Critical Kush, or Lowryder.

Whether you grow indoors or outside is also important. Choose the cannabis seeds that will work best for you. Some strains do better in a garden outside, while others do better in a garden inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Can a Single Cannabis Plant Yield?

You can expect about 12 pounds of buds (224g) from a healthy outdoor weed plant. You will get 14 pounds of buds on a plant inside (about 112g).

This is for the ideal case only. The yield rate may vary from plant to plant.

What Is a Good Yield Per Plant?

If you cultivate with 1000-watt lighting, a 4-week time, and 5-gallon buckets for each plant. You should get about a quarter of a pound (112 grams) of dry flowers from each plant. In case everything goes as planned and the environment and feedings are just right.

Do Larger Plants Yield More?

A large plant does not necessarily mean it will give big yields. A large plant may give more buds than normal ones but that’s not always the case. Buds can be thin and short. A medium-sized plant with quality buds can yield more than a 6 feet plant.


So, that will be all from us. We have revealed the secrets of a 1 ft Plant Yield. You can now start growing for a good yield.

Following these approaches will give you maximum yield out of a 1 ft plant. 

Good luck! See you soon.

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